6 Steps To Make Your WordPress Website Secure For Free

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Have you ever wondered how to check if a particular website is secured or not? Look at the below image.


In the URL box, the browser clearly indicates that the website is not secured i.e it is not https but it is http.

https Websites are more secure than the websites with just http. People browsing the websites show more trust on the websites with https rather than the websites with http. The SSL certificates provide secure connection between the browser and server. To understand in a simple language SSL certificates encrypt the data goes from computer(browser) to the targeted website and stops third party from stealing the private information during the browsing.

Secured Website
Secured Website

6 Steps to Make Your Website Secure For Free

Step 1: Create an account in a website called Cloudflare

Go to the website cloudflare.com and register an account in the website. Once you enter your email id, you will receive a verification email, click on the verification link and activate your account.


Step 2: Adding Website To Your Cloudflare Account

Once you have activated your account, enter the your website in the box provided as shown below. And then press next button.


Select the free plan option and click confirm. In the continuation page scroll down and click continue. Now our website has been added to cloudflare.

Select Cloudflare Free Plan
Adding Website step 2

Step 3: Change Your Name Servers

To change the name servers, log into your domain provider and select DNS option, scroll down to name servers option and select change. Then click the drop down and select custom option.


Copy both the name server details given in cloudflare into the name server boxes and save it.

Go back to cloudflare and press continue. To check status press re check now button . And now refresh the web-page

A message that name servers are successfully changed will appear at the top of the page. If the message doesn’t appear you can check back after couple of hours.

Step 4: Installing Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin On The Website

Now to your website admin page and go to plug-in and select install new plug in. In the search window search for Cloud Flexible SSL plugin. Once you see it install and activate the plug in.

Step 5: Activating https Option From Cloudflare

Go back to Cloudflare website and select the Lock like icon at the top.

Scroll down “Always use https” option and turn it on. As soon as it is done, your website is secured with SSL.

Step 6: Check Your Website

Go back to your website and refresh your page, you will be able to see a lock icon just before the url tab, stating your website in now secured.

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